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Pop quiz


Back to our 2006 strategy day. So we booked a suite at a swish hotel and because we ran late we had a second night to give away to one lucky staf member. So we gave them a pop quiz on God’s own Country, Austrayia. Pens ready? Fabulous prices for anyone who did better than everyone here…

(1) Colors of the Australian flag (hint – just three folks and think patriotic if you are French or American)
(2) National summer sport (hint – not sunbathing like someone in the PR department said – oh there is only one person in that department? I wonder who said it?)
(3) Pronounce (Send in your tapes – promise to correct and send back):
(a) Woolloomooloo
(b) Circular Quay

And blog bonus questions:
(4) Current Prime Minister
(5) Population guesstimate
(6) Name the Australian college basketballer who was picked #1 draft in the US NBA last year

Good luck. Next time we run an internal quiz, I am apparently going to be forced to endure a similarly tricky pop quiz about the US…I am preparing now.

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