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When too much rugby is barely enough…

Last weekend, Tom, Joe, Chris and I headed to Las Vegas for a cultural sporting event: the US Rugby Sevens. Seven a side rugby, 7 minutes a half on a full sized footy field. 16 nations played 65 games in two days on the one field. South Africa got up in the end. The 25,000 fans baked by the Las Vegas sun and awash in beer and meat pies were as entertaining as the rugby itself. The Kenyan and Fijian fans were particularly vocal.


This bloke was the winger for the NZ All Blacks. He popped up to see his Mum after one of his games.


Two day diet of meat pies and beer…mmm. I still managed to squeeze a 12 mile run in on Saturday morning. Straight down the strip at 6 am watching the ladies of the night clock off and some rugby supporters wondering where all their dough went.



Joe, Tom and I sponsored by the Univeristy of Oregon rugby club. Kim was soooo excited that I added another jersey to the collection.


The big men from Canada were sitting next to us on Sunday with their oversized beer drinking hands…


And with them, the Canadians brought a whole team of Catholic priests. They consumed a great deal of the blood of Christ in what appeared to be a day long Holy Communion.


A bit of footy action to distract us from the hilarious crowd…

  Screen shot 2011-02-20 at 6.09.19 AM

Wonderwomen (?)  and Elvis (?) with a guy in a red suit and bunny ears.

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